Miki Yui & Stefan Schneider

Miki Yui (JP/DE) and Stefan Schneider (DE) are autodidactic musicians mostly working in the field of electronic music. They both do have backgrounds in fine arts and hold master degrees in Media art (Miki Yui) and Photography (Stefan Schneider) at the Art Academy in Düsseldorf.

Miki Yui is an artist / composer from Tokyo, based in Duesseldorf, Germany. With her background in fine art, she explores the grey areas of our perception and imagination, in the fields of music, drawing, installation and performance. Her work has been shown in exhibitions in Europe and Asia. She also took part in numerous concerts and worked on otherpublications and radio play productions.

Her music consists of noises, field recordings and electronic sounds, whose different elements are woven into a fragile, minimalist-organic soundscape with abstract and narrative power. Her music plays with the subtle perception of the listener, unfolding imaginary spaces and images.

Since 2018 she also integrated ecological issues in her artistic practice. In Amazon forest in Brazil, an ecological village in south Taiwan, or organic winery in central Italy, she has documented the tie between landscape and human activities by making interviews with locals, making field recordings and recordings of folk or traditional music.


Stefan Schneider is a Düsseldorf based musician and producer in contemporary electronic music. He is a founding member of Düsseldorfs electronic band KREIDLER (1994-99) and has also been a third of the internationally highly acclaimed trio TO ROCOCO ROT (1995-2014). Since 1994 he has been touring in Euorpe, USA, Japan, Malaysia, Australia, China andAlgeria.

Between 2011 and 2015 he has been invited several times to Kenya to record music of local musicians in the rural landscapes of Malindi and Siaya. Many of these recordings have been released in Europe and also in Kenya.

He is the founder of the TAL label, which is an internationally operating record label established in 2016. With a continuous and carefully curated selection of releases, TAL has also become a home for multidisciplinary artistic activities, research, archival projects, public talks and live events. On his label TAL, Schneider has released a.o. the music of Kenyan folk singer OGOYA NENGO AND THE DODO WOMENS GROUP, unique collection of folk music from Venezuela between 1972-1981, and the reissue of the stunning 1982 album of NON BAND from Tokyo, Japan.