about the sounds of plants and stones and in the desert

Thursday, 27.4.2023 at 19:00 / Café Nees — Banquet hall (former Marstall Poppelsdorfer Schloß), Meckenheimer Allee 169, 53115 Bonn

Admission free!

City Sound Artists Bonn 2023 Roswitha von den Driesch and Jens-Uwe Dyffort present their artistic work to date in a presentation. At the end the talk about their first impressions from an excursion with geologists, biologists and climate researchers to the Atacama Desert in Chile.

Followed by a discussion with:

Roswitha von den Driesch, City Sound Artist Bonn 2023, Jens-Uwe Dyffort, City Sound Artist Bonn 2023, Prof. Dr. Dietmar Quandt, Professor for Biodiversity and Evolution of Plants at the Nees Institute at the University of Bonn and Carsten Seiffarth, Project director „echoes -soundforum bonn“.
Moderation: Raoul Mörchen

echoes – soundforum bonn, the new sound art project of the Beethoven Foundation for Art and Culture of the Federal City of Bonn, combines artistic and scientific research. For the annual theme Biodiversity of Plants, the Bonn City Sound Artists appointed for 2023 are working closely with the Nees Institute for Plant Biodiversity at the University of Bonn as a cooperation partner. As early as October 2022, the two were able to travel together with members of the international research network CRC1211 (Earth – Evolution at the dry limit) on an excursion to the Atacama Desert in Chile to take part in studies on the development of plants in extremely water-scarce areas.

After initial on-site research in Bonn in January and March 2023, Roswitha von den Driesch and Jens-Uwe Dyffort are now making their first public presentation in the city of Bonn.

Fotos: Meike Böschemeyer