What does biodiversity sound like?

Wednesday, 22.6.2022 19:30 / Museum Koenig Bonn, Hörsaal – Admission free!

Worlds of Sound
a presentation by Robin Minard, Weimar/Bonn
the new city sound artist Bonn 2022 introduces himself

followed by a discussion with Claudia Koch, curator for herpetology at the LIB, Robin Minard, Stadtklangkünstler Bonn 2022 and Carsten Seiffarth, project manager Soundforum Bonn
Moderation: Raoul Mörchen

echoes – soundforum bonn, the new project of the Beethoven Foundation for Art and Culture of the Federal City of Bonn, combines artistic and scientific research. On the annual theme of biodiversity
the Bonn city sound artist Robin Minard, appointed in 2022, is working with the Herpetology Research Section at the Koenig Museum of the Leibniz Institute for the Analysis of Biodiversity Change (LIB) as a cooperation partner.

After initial on-site research in Bonn and a first major joint research expedition to the tropical rainforest of the Sierra Nevada in northern Colombia, Robin Minard is now presenting himself publicly for the first time in the city of Bonn. The focus will be on his artistic works to date as well as a first report from the expedition in Colombia.

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