Sound communities – Research seminar Bonn

In preparation for the 2024 project theme “The role of sound in communities”, a research seminar with Master’s students from the Department of Musicology / SoundStudies at the University of Bonn directed by Prof. Dr. Jens Gerrit Papenburg started in October 2023. Under the title “Sound Communities. Peripheries and Provisories of Modernity”, seven students investigated in special case studies how sound has helped to create communities in modern societies, which (new) “traditional” communities have been created in relation to sound and what functions sound has for integration into (but also exclusion from) communities. In the project seminar, the participants dealt with texts that open up the topic theoretically and methodically. The individual case studies on a specific sound community were developed over the course of the semester and presented for discussion in the seminar with the participation of the two City Sound Artists 2024. On 24.01.2024, the students presented their final results in a research colloquium.