Deep Listening Workshop and Soundwalk

Deep Listening Workshop and Soundwalk with Viv Corringham

Workshop I:  Saturday, 14.09.2024 15:00-19:00
Workshop II: Sunday, 15.09.2024 15:00-19:00

Dialograum Kreuzung an St. Helena
Bornheimer Straße 130, 53119 Bonn

Experiencing collectiveness acoustically. Sonic Meditation is a listening technique developed by the American composer Pauline Oliveros in the 1970s. At the center of this technique is the training of one’s own acoustic attention. With the help of an increased perception of sounds, begins an active perception of one’s immediate surroundings and one’s own relationship to them. This group exercises can be performed by anyone without any musical knowledge. During the exercises, the participants use exclusively their own voice.

The one-day workshop consists of two parts: a Deep Listening workshop in the Dialograum Kreuzung an St. Helena, then after a short break, it continues with a Soundwalk along a selected route in public space, and ends at the church of St. Helena.

Participation is possible from the age of 16.
No previous knowledge required.

Please wear comfortable shoes and clothing and bring drinking water.
The workshop will be held in English, with German translation.

Participation free of charge, only with advance reservation!
Please register for a one afternoon workshop by e-mail to: <>
You will then receive a confirmation email.

(September 14 and 15, 2024 respectively)

Part I – Deep Listening Workshop
Dialograum Kreuzung an St. Helena, Bornheimer Str. 130, 53119 Bonn

Can listening help us to be mindful of what is happening here and now?
Can we listen to our environment without judging it, as if all sounds are equal?
Can we make sounds together in that same inclusive and non-judgemental way?

We will focus on the relationship between attentive listening and sounding, through the practice of Deep Listening as developed by american composer Pauline Oliveros. We will be using listening exercises, embodied sounding and her recipe-like Sonic Meditations, working with the voice in ways that feel comfortable and natural. Deep Listening can strengthen connections with the self and others, through sounding and listening deeply. It is for anyone interested in creativity, wellbeing, relaxation, playfulness and connection with their environment. Everyone is welcome!

Part II – Soundwalk in the city on a specially selected route
Soundwalk starts from Dialograum Kreuzung an St. Helena

Can sound help us to understand our environment?
Can listening help us to be present in each moment of the walk?
Can we listen to the song of the walk?

We start with listening exercises to calm the mind, bring awareness to the body and promote an attitude of receptivity to sound, of full-body listening. The intention as we walk is to consciously listen, letting our eyes take a break and relax their gaze. This encourages a different focus of attention, allowing everyday sounds of the place to resonate within us. Through our walking feet we can listen to the song of the journey, to traces of previous walkers, to the stories from the earth, to the echoes of ancient origins, and to our own memories and associations. The essence of a place is revealed to the feet that move through it and listen. We listen together with open ears, letting judgements fall away. We walk as a group, creating a community of listeners.

Viv Corringham is a New York based British vocalist and sound artist. Her work includes concerts, workshops, installations and soundwalks. She holds an MA Sonic Art from Middlesex University London and a Deep Listening teaching certificate from pioneer composer Pauline Oliveros. She has performed with many musicians including Pauline Oliveros, Elliott Sharp, Charles Hayward, Pat Thomas, Mike Cooper, and Maggie Nicols.

With the kind support of Kreuzung an St. Helena – Ein Dialograum für christlichen Kult und zeitgenössische Kultur e. V.